How to Become a Rock Star?

Who would not want to become a famous person who undoubtedly influenced his era? This requires talent and a little imagination. Nowadays, getting any information has become as easy as catching one hot sunbeam in the summer. Any musician will be incredibly pleased when his work pays off and people will be able to listen to his music on any well-known platform, even better – if they want to take it with them, on their gadget. There is the best YouTube to mp3 converter online, which will help the listener not to part with their favorite artist. Fast, easy and convenient, as well as becoming a famous representative of your era.

Honestly, there are 10 subjective commandments of a rock musician that are sure to help you on your way to success.

Live an Interesting Life

Music, with the help of which the young generation is trying to express their attitude to what is happening around, to problems and modern ideals, today is quite diverse. At various lectures and events, you will be taught anything: how to promote your music on the Internet, how to apply for festivals, how to sign a contract with a label, and so on. You will learn many new words such as business community, networking, unification, and so on. However, none of the speakers will teach you how to live an interesting life. “In the past,” as Bukowski wrote, “people of art lived an interesting life and sometimes their life was more interesting than their work, but today neither the life nor the work of contemporary artists is interesting”.

Toil, Not Work

If you are still studying, try to devote as much time as possible to music lessons, read biographies of famous people. After all, when adulthood begins, precious minutes will be less and less.

But if you are already working, then learn to love your craft. Previously, any craft was considered art and a person who owned any business was a person of art. Yes, buddy, sitting in a fucking office for 12 hours, you won’t write a hit that will ignite the hearts of millions of people around the world. If you want to bury your talent deeper, take more credit and shake with fear of being fired. Don’t try to sit with one ass on two chairs. Say: “I’m quitting!” Throw off your tie and go – work as an assistant cook, courier, hairdresser, car washer, teacher, waiter – whatever.

Until you become a rock star, you will have to take money somewhere for food, rum and Pepsi-Cola for your baby, rehearsals and recording an album, but do not become a slave. Find something you like. Work is rooted in the word slave. You are free, and therefore…


Study the Heritage, But Don’t Make Yourself an Idol

Of course, there are geniuses who cannot explain where their talent comes from. What such people do not touch – everything turns into a masterpiece of art. But there are not many of them. Yet there are too many examples in rock history where a talented person quickly flares up and burns out. Many nevertheless developed their talent through hard work.

Therefore, study the experience of others. Until you have developed your own style, focus on your favorite artist, delve into his lyrics and music, read his interviews, but do not lose yourself. Many musicians, when asked who influenced them as a person, find it difficult to answer. It is unacceptable.

Educate Yourself

You can ignite a spark of talent and, perhaps, for some time you will be relatively famous, but without a global understanding of the laws of the development of the Universe, without reading interesting books, watching a good movie, traveling (albeit in your own country), you will reach only a certain level, but you will never collect stadiums and become a rock idol of a generation.

Be Carried Away

The writer Stephen King said in an interview that his son once asked to buy him a saxophone. He dreamed of becoming a musician. A little over a year passed, and Stephen asked his son to leave his studies. “He was a diligent student,” King says, “but his classes were limited to doing homework and regularly attending music school. I have never seen him jump up from the dining table and rush to play some musical pattern he invented. ” I know one guy; he is the leader of a very famous band. So, this guy knows how to leave the party on time. Sometimes even unnoticed. He is so passionate about his work that he knows how to clearly prioritize. Walking under the moonlight has not been canceled, but a good sleep gives you vigor for the whole day, and, believe me, it will come in handy for you. Inspiration is the result of painstaking work and not a fabulous muse in white clothes who comes in secret dreams that you don’t tell anyone.

Choose an Instrument For Your Level

If you haven’t learned to play anything but “A Star Called Sun”, do not rush to buy an expensive instrument. Even as a child, I heard the phrase that a real athlete will play on a terrible field and with a bad ball. But this is complete nonsense. Children who have good balls and who train on green grounds are capable of more than their peers from other countries, crawling the ball in the mud. You better keep the golden mean. And it is also desirable for you to graduate from music school. This will help you advance faster in your musical prowess. Even if your ancestors make millions and you want a conventional Les Paul, don’t go too far, you can hold AM C DM on a more budgetary guitar.

Be Honest With the Public and Yourself

There are many directions in rock music. It can be bubble gum or pop-rock, rock with rap elements, punk rock, blues rock, jazzes rock and many, many others. Therefore, if you like both rap and rock, you can easily give out a recitative to guitar riffs. If you protest against the capitalist system, you can reject it through the music and the punk image. If you believe that Jesus delivered us all from our sins and now we only have to believe, then this is better than playing your old hit for more than half a century as an encore. Praise Jesus with the Christian heavy metal. The main thing is to let your music correspond to your inner ideals and beliefs.